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Business Entity Consultation and Advisory

Business Entity Consultation and Advisory

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Oftentimes, a business owner sets themselves up in business without fully understanding the implications of their entity selection until they begin facing challenges.

In other situations, the re-structuring of a business may become necessary due to the loss or addition of partners, company growth, legal protections and tax options.

Due to subtle nuances between entities, bringing on a consultant to help advise you on the setup of your business structure can be extremely advantageous to business owners, both new and experienced.

Common Changes to Business Structures

In some instances, a change in business structure may be required.  This is often the case with business growth, after a buyer, merger, or change in ownership.  A common example of a business change that could also require a change to your business’s tax structure is the addition or removal of a partner.

These are just a few of the many possible scenarios for changing a corporate structure.

If your business is still in the idea phase, or if your company is experiencing a change in ownership, growth or suffering from financial or tax burdens, the consultants at Cappelle Accounting, LLC are happy to discuss corporate structuring or re-structuring with you.

We will help you determine which business structure will be the best option for you, and provide you with the most financial and tax benefits possible, saving you time, money and potential tax implication down the line.