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Bookkeeping and Sales Tax

Customized Accounting Solutions For Businesses of All Sizes


We provide customized accounting services to meet the needs of businesses large or small.  You will have professional bookkeepers and experienced CPA’s work together on your account.

Receive monthly financial statements to review and help guide you down the path to making the best decisions for your business.

Access your information at any time or place by utilizing our secure client portal.

Never worry if disaster happens to strike; all your data is fully protected and backed up, so you can keep your business afloat even during the most unprecedented events.

Business Services


Tax Planning and Projection

Helping You Make Better Financial Decisions

Tax decisions and tax planning affect many long and short-term decisions that you make as a business owner. Our professional team strives to identify your opportunities, meet your challenges and take into consideration the ultimate affect each decision will have on your company and it’s financial well-being.


Sales Tax Preparation

Keeping You One Step Ahead

Simply put, sales tax is a fee that states and municipalities require businesses to pay in order to sell their products.  It’s paid by your customers to you, so that you can in turn file each month or quarter with the IRS.  Our sales tax experts prepare and file your taxes accurately and on time so you can stay compliant.



Bank, Credit Card and Loan Transaction Posting and Reconciliation

Keep Your Books In Order

Bank, Credit Card and Loan Transaction Posting and Reconciliation is a tedious, but necessary process, in order to keep your business on track and your books in order.  These services help lower your risk of fraud and ensuring that your credit card company has not made any errors.  Reconciling your accounts on a regular basis also helps to ensure you have not missed any business deductions.  By having these tasks performed regularly by a professional, you are able to build a strong foundation for rapid and streamlined financial decision-making within your business.



Monthly Financial Statements

Management Use

Monthly financial statements give your company’s management the opportunity to make timely decisions regarding the business, whereas yearly reports often do not allow them to correct the course quickly enough during the year.


Payroll Services**

Save Time, Eliminate Stress, Avoid Costly Penalties

Save time and avoid costly penalties, and ensure business continuity by taking advantage of our payroll services.  We handle all types of wage payments, deductions, and reimbursements.  Unlike an online payroll option, you will always have someone knowledgable and experienced on the other end of the phone who knows and understands your business’ needs.

Typical Documents Client's Provide To Us Each Month For Processing

  • Business Bank Statement – either online login or hard copy.


  • Check Images or Stubs


  • Sales Information – If Sales Tax Applicable


  • Business Credit Card Statement – If Applicable


  • Loan or Line of Credit Statement – If Applicable

Take Advantage of Cappelle Accounting's Full Range of Business Servicess

From formation to filing your taxes and everything in between - at Cappelle Accounting, your business is in expert hands. We treat each business account with the same care that we take with our own, ensuring everything down to the last detail is checked and double-checked. We look forward to helping your business grow and thrive, even during the most unprecedented of times.